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We are a plant hire company specialising in renting out cherry pickers, and boom lifts to customers for a range of different tasks in Aberdeen City and across the UK. 

Our fleet of vehicles includes a wide range of different models and sizes of cherry pickers and boom lifts, and we pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable and affordable options for cherry picker hire in the UK.

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Why Choose National Platforms?

National Platforms is the best cherry picker hire firm in Aberdeen City. 

We have worked with clients of all sizes, from industrial construction firms to private homeowners, and have something in our fleet of boom lifts that is ideal to fit the needs of any customer. 

We can help you with every step of the process, from beginning to end. 

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5 Years of Hire Experience Aberdeen City

We have over 5 years of experience in plant hire, and our boom lifts and cherry pickers have satisfied thousands of customers across the UK. 

We stay on top of industry trends and use our collective experience and expertise to help our customers ensure that they are hiring the perfect cherry picker for their needs, whether that is building maintenance, loft conversion, or other construction work.

What is a Boom Lift?

A boom lift is a form of aerial lift used to transport personnel on construction sites, farms, work sites or utility lines, and other locations. 

Boom lifts can be used by lift operators in Aberdeen City to expand their vertical or horizontal reach or to work at height in tough settings.

Boom lifts and cherry pickers are generally larger than scissor lifts, but small models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, fitting into tight spaces in most situations. 

Each model has a different safe working load and different maximum working heights, so to find the right cherry picker for your needs, get in touch with our team today, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect cherry picker.

Types of Boom Lifts We Hire

Our fleet of boom lifts and cherry pickers includes a wide range of different models, some suitable for industrial applications and others more suited for smaller projects like home renovations. 

We offer diesel booms, bi-energy booms, electric booms, and even spider boom lifts.

Articulating Boom Lift Hire Aberdeen City

Articulating boom lifts are a type of access equipment used to gain access and work safely in locations that are either restricted or difficult to access. 

These feature a platform linked to an articulated boom, which is made up of parts that articulate, allowing the operator to reach regions that would be difficult otherwise. 

Articulated boom lifts are employed in numerous industries, including facilities management, industrial maintenance, and construction as well as other tasks.

Our fleet of articulated boom lifts come in several sizes, making them ideal for both indoor applications and outdoor applications. 

The range of options includes different working heights and reach heights, as well as fuel, including diesel, electric, and bi-energy boom lifts.

Telescopic Boom Lift Hire Aberdeen City

Telescopic boom lifts are a type of work platform where the boom arm is telescopic, without points of articulation. 

This means that it is a strong and sturdy arm that can reach heights beyond that of an articulated work platform but cannot do up and over movement.

These are not as highly manoeuvrable as articulated boom lifts, but they tend to offer a higher maximum working height access and a greater weight capacity. 

They are also often more stable, making them better suited for rough terrain building maintenance. 

These types of stick booms are available in diesel, electric, and bi-energy machines.

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Boom Lift Hire Cost Aberdeen City

The cost of boom hire can vary depending on a number of different factors. As with all powered access vehicles, the size of the boom you want will affect the price. 

A larger model from our range with a greater maximum working height will generally cost more than a small model designed for indoor use. 

For a free quote or advice on what type of access platform is right for you, get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Hiring a Boom Lift

The benefits of hiring a powered access platform, such as a boom lift of a cherry picker, are simple.

Cherry pickers and boom lifts allow you to work at height, reaching areas higher than a ladder could ever get you to, with much more stability than other options.

Different models of boom lifts and cherry pickers have additional benefits. Diesel articulated boom lifts can reach over things, giving you the flexibility to work around trees and architecture for outdoor work. 

Truck mounted cherry pickers are portable and stable for positioning on uneven ground or rough terrain. 

Smaller electric cherry pickers are good for indoor and outdoor use in tight spaces and have minimal tail swing and non marking tyres. 

Trailer mounted cherry pickers can be taken on public highways for road work use and easy access to inconvenient locations. 

Larger machines will have a greater platform capacity and higher working heights. 

The list is almost endless, with as many benefits as there are types of powered access devices.

Boom Lift Training Courses Aberdeen City

If you are looking to work at height, whether that is on a diesel boom lift, a bi-energy boom lift, or just an electric cherry picker, you will need to complete an IPAF-certified training course. 

To learn more about IPAF certification and which course you will need to complete for the specific high-performance equipment you are planning to use, please contact our team for advice today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hire a cherry picker without training?

No. IPAF training is a requirement for hiring all power options, from electric boom lifts to diesel boom lifts. 

Different courses are required for articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, and smaller portable cherry pickers.

How much does a cherry picker cost per day?

This depends on the size of the cherry picker you are hiring. For a tailored quote, get in touch with our team today!

Is a cherry picker cheaper than scaffolding?

In most cases, cherry picker hire is cheaper than scaffolding for short-term projects. 

If the project is a longer-term one, however, the costs of cherry picker hire may eventually surpass those of scaffolding.

Can I operate a boom lift?

If you complete an IPAF-certified course, you will be able to operate a boom lift. 

Ensure you know which models you intend to operate before picking a course, however, as there are different courses for cherry pickers, articulating boom lifts, and telescopic boom lifts.

Can you operate a MEWP without a licence?

A MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) is a major piece of machinery, so all operators are required to complete training courses and become licensed in order to use any of the wide range of different powered access platforms on the market. 

Working at height can be dangerous, and the risk of injury for untrained users at any working height is significant.

What licence do you need for a boom lift?

For any kind of working height platform, such as an articulating boom lift, you will need a license from IPAF. 

This is the registered body for diesel boom lifts, bi-energy boom lifts, and any other power options available.

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Our range of electric and diesel working height platforms includes those suitable for external applications and interior decorating, and our team of experts can talk you through every step of the hire process, from beginning to end. 

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