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At National Platforms, we can provide a wide range of scissor lift hire service options suited to any client’s specific needs and requirements. Our [location] scissor lift hire service serves as a reliable way to get the scissor lifts that you need quickly, easily, and affordably.

Whether you are looking for electric scissor lifts to use for facilities management purposes or stronger diesel scissor lifts built for rough terrain, we keep a wide variety of scissor lift platforms in stock.

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What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is an elevated work platform that is able to raise itself up and down using a scissor-like strut system. Generally meant for tight spaces, they provide valuable platform height in a compact package and can rise to various working heights without taking up unnecessary space.

Scissor lifts are an invaluable tool on many construction sites and other worksites, including both outdoor and indoor work spaces that demand vertical mobility. Most require very little space to operate, making them a convenient low-level access platform for many different tasks.

Types of Scissor Lifts We Offer For Hire

We can provide a range of different low-level-access scissor lift hire options, each tailored to dealing with specific situations and providing unique benefits. Our team have plenty of experience in determining which options are best for each situation and can work alongside clients to get them the right options.

Our scissor lift hire service is flexible and adaptable, ensuring that we can get the right equipment onto your work site with minimal delays. Whether you are looking for something that suits indoor use or a tool for more extreme outdoor working heights, our team can get you the scissor lift hire that you need.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Hire [location]

Hydraulic scissor lift hire options use a hydraulic system as part of its power source. These use specific kinds of hoses and valves as part of their construction, which can often be a more affordable option early on compared to more advanced or modernized options.

These hydraulic-drive scissor lifts provide optimal power and performance when dealing with day-to-day construction and are designed to work well in conditions that other units would not be properly suited for.

Pneumatic Scissor Lift Hire [location]

Pneumatic scissor lift hire options use compressed air or gas as part of how they operate rather than the liquid used by hydraulic drive scissor lift hire models. These do not always require a power source, which can make them a convenient choice on isolated construction sites but can also make them less efficient overall.

These are often seen as a scissor lift hire option best suited to situations where other options would not be able to receive power easily, or when you are dealing with extreme temperatures that could break electric scissor lifts.

Diesel Scissor Lift Hire [location]

Diesel scissor lift hire options are often used for outdoor working heights, producing emissions through the diesel they burn but also being easier to refuel and reuse on a constant basis. Diesel is also invaluable when working in spaces with no easy access to electrical power or as a backup if the electrical power dies, but you still have access to diesel engine fuel.

Diesel scissor lifts tend to have a greater average maximum working height than other options and are often more robust overall. However, the fuel emissions mean that they can’t be used safely in an indoor space, making them less suited to most indoor work without very careful preparations.

Electric Scissor Lifts Hire [location]

Electrical scissor lift hire options provide easy powered access to a range of working height levels and are ideal for indoor use. They can carry workers to good working heights, just like diesel scissor lift units, but often sacrifice some power and platform capacity due to their power source.

These powered platforms are also usually very quiet compared to the diesel engines used in diesel scissor lifts. However, they do rely on power to operate, whether that is a mains connection or through a generator – and often need to charge for several hours if they completely run dry.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Hire [location]

Specialised rough terrain scissor lift hire options are any model of scissor lift that is meant for uneven ground. These usually offer more mobility and follow a greater variety of safety regulations since they need to work in outdoor spaces that other units may struggle with.

These are meant to carry workers to major working heights while remaining stable and secure on most terrain, making them a more versatile way to get a perfect lift, platform height and angle. This often also means extra safety features and other design tweaks to make them even more suited to this kind of task.

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Scissor Lift Hire Cost [location]

The cost of scissor lifts in the UK can vary quite heavily based on a wide range of factors, some of which are much more obvious than others. 

If you are interested in getting a scissor lift hire, then it is important to understand what influences the overall costs beyond just the hire price.

Different scissor lifts have different levels of complexity, feature-completeness, and general value. Some major factors that can cause a wide range of scissor lifts to be priced completely differently include:

  • The size and weight of the scissor lifts themselves
  • Additional features or equipment needed to operate the scissor lifts, such as specialised charging cables
  • The amount of time it would take to deliver the scissor lifts
  • The availability of the scissor lifts
  • The complexity of the scissor lifts (i.e. a more complex and feature-heavy lift may cost more overall)
  • The duration of the hire period (and whether or not you have to extend it)
  • The location that the hire unit is being delivered to and how difficult it would be to deliver it correctly

Different scissor lifts are also simply worth different amounts, whether that is because of the cost of maintaining them or because they are meant for specialised uses. For example, non-marking tyres can be perfect for indoor use, which may make units with non-marking tyres slightly more valuable.

If you want to know the potential scissor lift rental costs before committing to anything, contact us and talk to our experts. We can give you an accurate price quote based directly on the scissor lifts you are considering hiring, as well as details on where that cost is coming from.

How much does it cost to hire a Scissor Lift?

The average cost of a scissor lift rental can vary heavily, with prices ranging from £350 per week to more than £200 per day, depending on the situation.

This means that each one of our wide range of scissor lifts can be priced entirely differently, and there is not a single set cost that all of them stick to.

Talk with us directly if you want to know more about the scissor lifts we can provide and the hire costs we would estimate for them.

Benefits of Hiring a Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are an invaluable tool in all kinds of construction work, and are probably the most popular choice of powered access platform that many construction professionals get themselves equipped with. Even a basic platform can offer great maximum platform height, safety features and low-level access potential.

Indoors, a platform can offer easy access to a good working height, allowing construction workers to take their equipment up with them safely. Outdoors, a platform can often be even more useful, reaching an extreme working height while still ensuring proper safety and platform control.

Our scissor lift hire platform options can offer a range of benefits, which vary depending on what each platform is equipped with. These include:

Cheaper Access to A Working Platform

Hiring scissor lifts gives you quick access to a useful lift platform without having to purchase the platform equipment yourself.

This is a much cheaper way to tackle difficult working heights, with even a budget powered access platform being easy to afford for larger projects.

Greater Versatility

A powered access platform can be a core piece of equipment for many projects, and we make it easy to hire a low-level access platform that stays within safety regulations and matches your project’s goals.

Hiring scissor lifts makes it easier to get the equipment you need for one job without committing to a full platform purchase since you are only hiring it for the job you need it for.

Hands-Off Delivery

We can ensure effective delivery – sometimes including next-day delivery – of any powered access platform hire arrangement we make.

We work with our clients to ensure that our job is done properly, getting the platform where it needs to be at the right time.

Scissor Lift Training Courses [location]

Scissor lifts, including both diesel and electric scissor lifts, require an IPAF license to operate properly.

This applies to all kinds of electric and diesel engines and from any model, from basic slab scissors to more complex platform types with a wider range of features and controls.

Being properly trained is generally a requirement to legally use most tools in the construction industry, and even the safest electric scissor lift is no exception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a scissor lift without a Licence?

You do not need a license to hire or rent either diesel scissor lifts or electric scissor lifts. However, if you intend to use the scissor lift for any kind of commercial purpose, then you need proper training and a license.

Using scissor lifts for personal projects does not always require a license, but it is still important to train yourself on how to use a platform like this before you start the job.

As with any equipment, even the most simple electric scissor lifts can be dangerous if used incorrectly, especially in tight spaces like narrow aisles where there is not much room to move.

Is there a cheaper alternative to a scissor lift?

Scissor lifts are generally cheaper than most other alternative platform height equipment. However, this means that there are many platform hire choices within the scissor lift hire umbrella that will be relatively cheap overall.

Note that cheaper equipment usually means reduced capabilities: for example, lower platform capacity or worse power efficiency.

We keep our hire options for both diesel and electric scissor lifts as affordable as possible and can guide you towards a popular choice that fits within your budget.

How much does it cost to hire a genie lift?

We price Genie-branded facilities management platforms fairly, based on what they can actually do. Contact us if you want price specifics on certain brands or models that you have an interest in using.

Do you need training for a scissor lift?

Operating a platform like this requires safety training, whether you are indoors or outdoors. If you will be using the scissor lift regularly as part of an ongoing job, it may be worth trying to book online training so that you understand how to use the equipment.

Even basic slab scissors can be dangerous in tight spaces, and untrained operators may make dangerous mistakes like using a diesel engine indoors.

Can 2 people be in a scissor lift?

Each scissor lift has its own statistics, such as platform height and platform. For example, a weaker electric scissor lift may only be able to support one person at maximum platform height, while a stronger electric scissor lift could handle two people at the same platform height level.

In general, an outdoor scissor lift is best used with only one person since wind can be a risk factor at maximum platform height.

Do you need to wear a harness in a scissor lift UK?

While it is not necessarily a requirement to wear a harness even at maximum platform height, local legislation may sometimes demand it, especially for commercial projects.

This is true for both an indoor job and an outdoor job since the safety risks of falling can be severe. Indoor safety equipment may be easier to set up, but outdoor use may require it, too, if your local laws demand it.

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