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At National Platforms, we provide a range of hire options for telehandlers and related equipment, all suitable for both regular and rough-terrain construction sites.

Offering a range of machines, we pride ourselves on delivering versatile and reliable machines suitable for any workspace.

Who are National Platforms?

We at National Platforms are a team of telescopic handlers hire experts, providing a huge range of telehandler hire options at an affordable price.

Why Choose National Platforms?

We work hard to deliver telehandlers and a range of different attachments to any construction site, whether that means rough terrain and excellent visibility or tight spaces and max headroom requirements.

What is a Telehandler?

Telehandlers are long-reach lifting machines that you can mount several attachments to, such as buckets, serving as full-reach forklift alternatives that can reach heavier loads and materials further than forklifts.

Similar to powered access platforms, many telescopic handlers in Cambridgeshire can offer variable forward reach and lift height.

Types of Telehandlers We Hire

We offer a range of telehandler machines in Cambridgeshire, including the following:

Standard Telehandlers Cambridgeshire

Our standard telescopic handler machine options boast versatile max lift height, max lift capacity, and max forward reach based on overall length.

Roto Telehandlers Cambridgeshire

Our roto telescopic handler vehicles can move their overall max length at a 360-degree angle without compromising max forward reach or max lift height.

Heavy Lift Telehandlers Cambridgeshire

Our heavy lift telehandlers are designed for lifting heavier loads and offer a greater max lift height alongside improved weight management and stronger buckets (as well as better safety measures).

Telehandler Hire Cost Cambridgeshire

Telescopic boom handlers and other machines can cost between £90 to £240 per day, depending on the telehandler that you choose.

How much does it cost to hire a telehandler?

We can offer a range of forklift-style telehandlers and other alternatives, all with their own specific costs.

Talk with our team to get accurate price quotes based on each individual machine.

Benefits of Hiring a Telehandler

Telehandler units provide incredible forward reach and often have high lift capacity that lets them lift heavy loads effectively.

They provide more max reach and max flexibility than a forklift, making them ideal for lifting on construction sites.

Telehandler Training Courses Cambridgeshire

Telehandler units like this require training courses to operate properly. If you want to know more, contact our team for specific details that may help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a telehandler for a day?

The daily hiring cost of a standard four-wheel drive telehandler can vary from £90 to £300 per day, depending on overall length and size.

How much is a telehandler hire?

Like tools such as forklifts, the cost of telehandler hires varies depending on the model. We can break down the estimated prices for our clients as needed.

Do I need a license to drive a heavy load and forward reach telehandler?

A regular driver’s license allows anybody to drive a telehandler down a regular road, regardless of wheel drive type.

Operating the telehandler access tools on a construction site requires separate licenses

How much is a CPCS telehandler course?

The CPCS telehandler course costs vary but tend to average around £800+VAT.

Do I need a CSCS card to do a telehandler course?

Telescopic handler trainees need a CSCS Health, Safety and Environment test before they can begin training.

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If you want to know more about our hiring options in Cambridgeshire, from weight and materials capacity to fuel efficiency, get in touch and talk to our experts.

Our team can guide you towards a telehandler that has the right weight limits, materials attachments, and other features that help it suit your specific needs.


We offer a wide range of telehandler units alongside various other hiring options in Cambridgeshire, allowing clients of any size to get the vehicles they need for their next project.

Do not be afraid to get in touch and talk to us if you want to know more about what we can provide.


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