A lorry-mounted cherry picker is a form of aerial work platform that is mounted on the rear of a lorry and is used for various maintenance, construction, and industrial purposes. It allows workers to access elevated areas, making it an essential piece of equipment in industries such as construction, telecommunications, and utilities.

This article will discuss the different types of lorry-mounted cherry pickers, their uses, benefits, and safety precautions for operating them.

A lorry-mounted cherry picker operates by using a hydraulic system to extend the boom arm, which can reach heights of up to 180 feet. The boom arm can be manoeuvred in different directions, making it easier for workers to access hard-to-reach areas.

There are three main types of lorry-mounted cherry pickers:

  1. Articulating boom lifts, which have multiple sections that can bend and articulate, allowing for increased flexibility and versatility in reaching different areas.
  2. Telescopic boom lifts, which have a single telescoping arm that extends to reach heights.
  3. Straight boom lifts, which have a straight arm that extends vertically and are ideal for accessing high areas.

Lorry-mounted cherry pickers have a variety of uses, including:

They provide a safe and efficient way for workers to access elevated areas, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

One of the main benefits of using a lorry-mounted cherry picker is the increased height and reach it provides. This allows workers to access areas that would be difficult or impossible to reach otherwise. Additionally, lorry-mounted cherry pickers are versatile and can be used in different industries and settings, thanks to their manoeuvrability and flexibility. This makes them a cost-effective option for businesses.

However, safety is of paramount importance when operating a lorry-mounted cherry picker. Proper training and certification are necessary for workers operating the equipment. Regular maintenance and inspections should also be conducted to ensure the safety and functionality of the lift. It is also crucial to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries.

In conclusion, lorry-mounted cherry pickers are essential equipment in various industries, providing a safe and efficient way for workers to access elevated areas. Understanding the different types, uses, benefits, and safety precautions of lorry-mounted cherry pickers is crucial for businesses and workers alike.

What Is a Truck Mounted Boom Lift?

A lorry-mounted boom lift is a type of aerial work platform that is mounted on a lorry for easy transportation and access to elevated areas. It is equipped with an extendable boom and a platform that can carry workers and their equipment to perform tasks at height. These lifts are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and utility applications where mobility and height access are essential.

Pro-tip: When operating a lorry-mounted boom lift, always ensure proper training and follow safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries.

How Does a Truck Mounted Boom Lift Work?

Stabilisation: The truck-mounted boom lift uses outriggers to stabilise the vehicle.

Extension: It extends the boom and raises the platform to the desired height.

Control: Operators control the lift from the platform, adjusting height and rotation.

Maneuvering: The lift can be manoeuvred sideways or rotated to reach specific areas.

Power Source: It operates using the truck’s engine or a separate power source.

What Are the Different Types of Truck Mounted Boom Lifts?

When considering different types of truck-mounted boom lifts, it’s essential to understand the specific characteristics and applications of each type. Here’s a breakdown:

Type Maximum Height Horizontal Reach
Telescopic Boom Lifts 150 feet 75 feet
Articulating Boom Lifts 141 feet 75 feet
Truck-Mounted Scissor Lifts 60 feet 33 feet

Based on your specific operational requirements, you can select the most suitable type of truck-mounted boom lift for your projects.

What Are the Uses of Truck Mounted Boom Lifts?

Truck-mounted boom lifts serve various purposes, including:

What Are the Benefits of Using a Truck Mounted Boom Lift?

Using a truck-mounted boom lift offers numerous benefits:

What Are the Safety Precautions for Operating a Truck Mounted Boom Lift?

When operating a truck-mounted boom lift, it’s crucial to adhere to specific safety precautions to ensure the well-being of the operator and those in the vicinity.

Perform a thorough equipment inspection before operation.

Ensure proper stabilization of the lift on a firm, level surface.

Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Follow proper load capacity guidelines and avoid exceeding weight limits.

Stay vigilant of overhead clearance and potential obstacles.

Terms and Conditions

When hiring a truck-mounted boom lift, carefully examine the terms and conditions outlined in the rental agreement. Pay particular attention to the rental period, additional charges, insurance requirements, and liability clauses. Understanding the terms and conditions ensures a smooth rental experience and helps avoid any unexpected fees or issues.

Pro-tip: Take photos of the equipment before and after use to document its condition, potentially saving you from unnecessary charges.

How to Get Started with a Truck Mounted Boom Lift

Inspect the lift for any damages or malfunctions before operation.

Review the operator’s manual to understand the controls and safety features.

Ensure the truck is on a stable and level surface before extending the boom.

Check the weight capacity of the lift and ensure it is not exceeded.

Fasten your seatbelt and start the truck’s engine.

Gradually elevate the boom to the desired height, ensuring no overhead obstructions.

Operate the lift with caution and be mindful of surrounding hazards.

After use, retract the boom, park the truck, and perform post-operation checks.

Financing Options

Lease options:

Consider leasing the truck mounted boom lift with flexible payment plans.

Bank loans:

Explore financing through banks offering loans at competitive interest rates.

Equipment financing companies:

Research firms specializing in financing heavy equipment, providing tailored solutions.

Manufacturer financing:

Some manufacturers offer financing options with benefits such as extended warranties or discounted rates.


Truck-mounted boom lifts provide a versatile solution for various aerial work tasks. With the ability to reach great heights and extend horizontally, they offer a practical and efficient means of accessing elevated areas. Equipped with hydraulic systems, these lifts provide stability and ease of maneuverability, making them suitable for construction, maintenance, and repair operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a truck mounted boom lift?

A truck mounted boom lift is a type of powered access platform that is attached to the back of a truck or lorry chassis. It is designed to provide elevated access to a variety of work areas, such as construction sites, building improvements, and facilities management projects.

What makes truck mounted boom lifts a cost-effective option?

Truck mounted boom lifts are a cost-effective option because they have a smaller footprint and do not require road movement orders or additional permits for transportation between worksites. This saves time and hassle, making them a convenient choice for essential work in busy urban areas.

What are the benefits of using zero tail swing models for truck mounted boom lifts?

Zero tail swing models are designed to have a small turning radius, which makes them ideal for working in tight spaces. This is especially useful in busy urban areas or confined work environments where traditional access equipment may not fit.

Do I need to be IPAF trained to operate a truck mounted boom lift?

Yes, it is crucial to be IPAF trained to operate a truck mounted boom lift safely and effectively. JMS Powered Access offers the IPAF 1b Static Boom course as part of their nationwide training centres, ensuring that operators have the necessary skills and knowledge to use the equipment correctly.

What is the difference between white and red diesel when it comes to truck mounted boom lifts?

Starting from April 1st, 2022, all hired machines will only be fueled with white diesel, in line with new government guidelines. Customers are responsible for refueling the equipment with white diesel, as using red diesel is strictly prohibited. This is to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid additional charges for removing and disposing of the fuel, as well as tank and supply line flushing.

Can I spread the cost of my tool hire with National Tool Hire?

Yes, National Tool Hire has partnered with PayPal to offer customers the option to spread the cost of their tool hire with PayPal Pay in 3. Eligible shopping cart amounts for this service range from £30.00 to £2,000.00, with terms and conditions applying. This makes it easier for customers to budget and manage their expenses for their passion project or essential work.