IPAF Training

If you are needing IPAF training, you have come to the right place. We can book IPAF training at an approved Training Centre anywhere in the UK for you.

If your not sure what category of licence you need for the machine you need to operate there is an explanation below to try to help you.


Within this category it will give you the license to operate scissor lifts. This can be from either small electric scissor’s ranging up to large diesel scissor lifts. The license will cover you from a small 1 man scissor lift up to a large double-deck extending scissor lift.


Having the 3B Category on your license, will cover you for the ability to operate Cherry pickers (boom lifts). In the cherry picker category this will cover all ranges of cherry picker’s, from small more compact electric, ranging up to large all terrain, diesel or Bi-fuel. The scale of working heights can start from 10metres up to a very large 45 metres.


This category is a specialist type of cherry picker- (boom lift). This will include the likes of van mounted, truck mounted, towable and tracked machines. Because they are regarded as static, as they can’t be driven at height, they have stabilising legs that will need to be set up when using the machine. Tracked machine’s are specialist as these are light weight and have tracks rather than tyres, this make’s it easier for working on top of grassed areas, sloped or getting into narrow gateways as they are narrow machines.

On-site training

IPAF training can be done on-site if you have the facilities that are needed to complete the theory and practical side of the training. There will be requirements that will need to be met to be able to book. Additional costs could occur if machines are needed to be provided with delivery to complete the training.


This option on the IPAF training, will allow you to bring down the length of training on the day. Completing the e-learning before attending your course will bring down the length of training on the day.

How long will an IPAF license last for?

IPAF training once completed and passed this will then last you 5 years. After this length of time, you will then need to rebook for a refresher course. This will then allow you to update your license for a further 5 years.  A PAL card will be received at the end of the course on completion.

If you are wanting to complete all  the 3 categories that are listed above, this will take over 2 days of training. 3A&3B training can be completed together in 1 day, but to bring down the length of time you can start by asking to complete the E-Learning.

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